Monday, June 29, 2009

London Calling.....!!

When I met my boyfriend on New Year's Eve he asked me to run away with him, I, in my slightly tipsy state (ahem) and thinking he was joking said "absolutely". I blame the champagne and gin and tonics! Now here we are 6 months later heading off to London together.

Life has changed pretty significantly in the last 6 months:

  • I met a man I absolutely love to bits when I was least expecting it (I know I know, cliche heaven but true!).
  • I made the decision to move not just to another country, but one across the other side of the world and one which doesn't have Tim Tams, Butter Menthols and real Milo!
  • I quit my job of 9.5 years (and yes I do sort of miss it despite it being a government job, well I miss the people I worked with and having some mental stimulation anyway!).

So I am now 3 weeks unemployed and would like to say I'm loving it but I'm actually a little bit bored! Only so much daytime TV and shopping a girl can handle. However, as of a week ago I have a hot little UK visa in my passport and can now finally start making some plans! (the whole visa saga is a long story, maybe I'll save it for when I get to London and need to have a separate rant about British bureaucracy, let's just say it hasn't been an easy process).

I am a little nervous about having to look for a job for the first time in almost 10 years, a little sad about leaving friends and family, but mostly just excited about going on a new adventure in a new country!

A few days in the South West of WA - Margaret River/Dunsborough region - have cemented in my mind how beautiful Australia is and how much I should savour this downtime before the onslaught of London. Here's a little taste:

Quay West Resort Bunker Bay

Quay West Resort Bunker Bay

Eagle Bay Beach

Bunker Bay Beach