Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The British Way

Since arriving in London there are certain things that I have come to know and expect and in some cases love. These are, in no particular order:

  • Sandwiches will ALWAYS contain copious amounts of mayo and/or cheese and bacon, despite the package saying it's a 'healthy option'.

  • A get-together almost always involves some form of alcohol.

  • The coldest Australian winter day = quite pleasant almost heatwave proportions UK winter day.

  • The TFL website is never to be trusted - either it says the tube is down when it isn't, or it isn't when it is (the latter being far more annoying).

  • There is always something to do...and I do mean always, it is London after all.

  • The bus past my house will not come every 7-8 mins despite advertising the fact quite blatantly.

  • The weights and nutritional values on most food packaging are either hidden or non-existent.

  • It will always be socially acceptable to make jokes about the Aussie in the room, even in professional situations (twice and counting...).

  • There is always a fab deal on offer for good restaurant food, every cuisine imaginable.

  • The Brits love weekends. If they aren't telling you about the weekend just gone or what they are doing for the next two, they are asking you the same. And I feel guilty if I have nothing planned, the looks that accuse me of wasting my weekend are too much to bear!

  • People on the tube insist on reading the newspaper despite being squished in like sardines, which often means I can also read the newspaper. At very close proximity, no glasses required.

  • It will almost always take you a third longer to get somewhere than you expected (see point about TFL).

  • Eggs Benedict, sadly, is often left off the standard breakfast menu *sigh*.

  • People look at you strangely when you say thank you to the bus driver (common occurence back home, not so much here).

  • Chocolate Horlicks, although an ok substitute, will never replace my Milo!