Friday, July 30, 2010

Mmmm cupcakes!

Following dinner at a lovely polish place in South Kensington tonight I couldn't resist stopping in at Hummingbird Bakery for some yummy cupcakes. After my initial disappointment at missing out on a red velvet, I settled for a black bottom which was very tasty! Serious chocolate cake with a cheesecake centre and soft buttercream icing (!!!). James was also happy with his usual...anything with blue icing!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More breakfast!

Discovered a lovely little cafe in Wandsworth called The Pantry and headed there for breakfast this morning. Lovely strong coffee and Bircher muesli with toasted almonds, fresh apple and blueberries. Yum!! James's poached eggs with sausages, fresh tomato and basil looked good too, as did the numerous cakes, flapjacks, bread, cupcakes....too much temptation!

Lantana for breakfast

A beautiful flat white at Lantana cafe in Little Charlotte Street. Nice and strong and a little coffee art as a finishing touch! Quite hard to find a decent strong cup of coffee here. Thanks Suma for the introduction :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Monday night in London...

A lovely Monday night - drinks with an old friend at Tom's terrace bar at Somerset House.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wimbledon and World Cup Fever

Several weeks ago, World Cup Fever hit England, which resulted in the English flag on every car, window and pub in sight, everyone talking about football (even though who had no previous interest), and I'm sure there have been record sales of beer. However, after the embarrassing 4-1 loss against Germany last weekend, the Brits have suddenly begun to pretend there is no such thing as football. World Cup? What World Cup? The flags have been slowly disappearing and people are losing interest in who's going through to the next round. We headed to the pub last week to watch the game and there were lots of unhappy campers afterwards.

The boys debriefing afterwards. There are smiles, but not on the inside!

Last week also saw the start of Wimbledon 2010, and seeing as we live only a few minutes walk away there was no excuse not to go! So Wednesday night we headed down and got some grounds tickets for £12, allowing us to watch all the outside courts matches. Henman Hill was jam packed as the Andy Murray match was in its final set.

The obligatory Wimbledon strawberries and cream.

We managed to score some centre court ticket returns for £5 to watch the women's doubles quarter finals before heading home for a glass of champagne to round off the evening :)

Calais and Brugges - Courtesy of Easyjet!

About a month ago we were due to fly to Amsterdam for the weekend, but our lovely friends at easyjet cancelled our flight a few hours before we were due to go, with no alternatives. Needless to say I spent a little while sulking....okay the whole day! But I managed to get not only a full refund but compensation of 250 euros each for the short notice (thanks European Union directive!). So to make up for it we booked a night at a fabulous B&B at a little village outside Calais called Wierre Effroy and took the ferry over. Upon discovering there wasn't much around the village or Calais itself we checked out the map of France and Belgium and realised Brugge was only a couple of hours drive away...needless to say we headed off to the land of chocolate!

The spoils of our trip, cheese and chocolate galore!! Must say though, when we made our way down to the car after the ferry ride back to Dover it was a little smelly!


Lovely but rainy Brugges.

First stop in Brugges, hot chocolate. Pure chocolate on a stick, whoever thought of this is a genius!

The night we stayed in Wierre Effroy we had dinner at a fantastic place which was a B&B, fromagerie and restaurant and run by the son of the couple who ran our B&B. We had the most fantastic three course meal with bread and wine for a fraction of the price you'd pay for the same quality in London. Highly recommended!!
This was my fabulous creme brulee, so full of vanilla, beautiful!
The fillet of beef we both had for our main course, amazing!

James went for the foie gras for a starter. Whilst I have an issue with how it's produced, I must admit I had a taste and it was incredible. From someone who doesn't like pate or anything liver related that's saying something.....still feeling guilty though!

Beautiful garden at our B&B.

Our beautiful B&B which was run by a lovely french couple who barely spoke English. They welcomed us, carried our bags upstairs and cooked us some beautiful eggs for breakfast along with pastries, coffee, fruit, cheese and amazing bread. Highly recommend this place if you're after a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of...well...anywhere!

Yet more food! Lovely chicken crepe with blue cheese sauce in Boulogne.

Heading away from the White Cliffs of Dover on our way to Calais.