Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekend Down South and New Job!

Last weekend we headed down to Bournemouth to visit James's parents and for him to show me around the area. Was lovely to be out of the hustle and bustle of London, however not so lovely was the coach trip on the way there. NE doesn't stand for National Express, it stands for Never in never ever travel with them. Not only was traffic out of London bad (ok so we should have known leaving on a Friday evening), but there was an accident on the motorway meaning we were trapped on the bus for almost 4 hrs....and no toilet as advertised on our ticket! Let's just say, there was a quick drive to the flat at the other end!!

We had a sleep in Saturday followed by an enormous and lovely cooked breakfast courtesy of James's mum, then set off for a day of driving and sightseeing in the countryside. Made our way through Poole, Swanage, Weymouth, Portland, Corfe and a few others I can't remember!

Another lazy sleep in Sunday was followed by a shorter and somewhat more pleasant coach trip back (but never again, next time it's the train!!).

But all in all a perfect weekend away before I started my new job this officially a UK civil servant contractor/project manager. What was I thinking, back into the public sector! But 3 days in I'm enjoying the work and the people are lovely. It's great finally feeling like I'm living here instead of being bored at home and getting despondent about my job searching. Plus if you throw in the few eccentrics (ie. nutters) that you always get in the public service it makes for a rather entertaining day ;)

Will say hi to Her Maj for you all (she's my neighbour, work building is right near Buckingham Palace....maybe I'll run into her at Friday afternoon drinks? Shall I get her a beer, a cider or a G&T do you think? Or perhaps she should get me one!!).

Sunset over Portland

Sign in Corfe.....obviously didn't get on with the in-laws?

On the walk up to Corfe Castle.

Stream near the bottom of Corfe Castle

Beautiful sunny day at Corfe Castle

View over Corfe from top of the castle

The castle from our place of choice for an afternoon cream tea...mmm scones with clotted cream.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Since arriving in London I have discovered the joys of free audience tickets to see TV shows being filmed...yes free!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been to see two tapings. The first was for UK Ready Steady Cook at the BBC in White City (so much more professional than the aussie version, no cards with pictures of capsicums...sorry peppers....and tomatoes here....electronic voting pads!). However, having not had dinner beforehand it was agony seeing and smelling all that lovely food being cooked and not being able to eat any! Of course for health and safety reasons they couldn't possibly offer the audience any food (UK political correctness strikes again). Mental note: eat before doing something like this again.

The second was a filming of My Family (very funny sitcom) at the BBC Teddington Studios. Ironically the episode of My Family we saw was called The Melbourne Affair with a very ocker aussie actor in it! Slightly annoyed however that after arriving early to receive our numbered sticker then retiring to the pub next door for a pint, that we were all then shepherded in in groups ignoring number order, meaning we all couldn't sit together. Oh but weren't we told that at the door?! But I know I know, the tickets were free...