Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mmmmm breakfast.

Only one week to go! This time next week we will be on our way to the airport to catch our marathon flight to London via Singapore and Frankfurt.

With some goodbyes to family and friends already said, the excitement is starting to set in, along with a little bit of sadness at leaving home for at least the next two years. But soon the big hunt for a place to live and a job (so I can afford the place to live) will begin. London here we come!

This Sunday will be a big breakfast for close family and friends at our favourite breakfast spot, the Wild Fig Cafe in Marmion. Highly recommended....best eggs benedict in Perth in my opinion. And a view over the Indian Ocean second to none (and no I don't know the owners so this is a genuine recommendation). They use free range eggs and chickens, fair trade coffee and donate $5000 p.a. plus all tips to the Hunger Project, in addition to serving up fantastic food, which is the main reason we go! Will have to start going on Sunday morning expeditions in London until we find a new favourite breakfast spot....such a hard life. :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Little Vegemite

With 4 weeks to go until we travel to London the most important task of all is complete. Shipping some Aussie foodstuffs! I, of course, would be lost without my favourite hot drink of Milo in the evenings. Apparently the UK version is made in Kenya and nothing like the original...so to be sure 2 x 1kg tins have gone in! To add to this are Cherry Ripes (fab chocolate bar with cherry and coconut filling covered in dark chocolate), Mint Slice biscuits (fab chocolate biscuit with mint filling covered in dark chocolate....beginning to see a pattern?), Twisties, Butter Menthols, Rosella mustard pickles along with orders from my brother and some Aussie friends in the UK.
Oh and of course the obligatory giant jar of Vegemite which I know you can get in the UK but I feel so much more comfortable knowing it's on it's way :) And no, Marmite is still not and will never be as good!!