Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving House, Jamie Oliver and Food Food Food!

Well last weekend was moving time....we are now in Southfields, just a stone's throw from Wimbledon tennis stadium (literally....can see it from the street). Long story but let's just say our previous flatmates weren't all there and we are very very glad to be out of there. Being abused at 10pm for making too much noise getting a drink in the kitchen was the last straw!

Southfields is also a much nicer part of London, nice and leafy and green and quiet. And we are also nice and close to Putney, Richmond and Clapham.

We went over to Clapham yesterday, my first venture to the area. Bought my first English winter weight coat and needed it already today....was only about 10 when walking to the tube this morning. And found my favourite shop so far in London (anyone who knows me won't find this out of the ordinary!). Jamie Oliver's Recipease!! They sell all of Jamie's kitchen equipment/crockery etc, as well as freshly baked breads and Jamie Oliver ready meals. But the best bit is you can book in for lessons to learn how to make pasta, bread etc, but also lots of Jamie's recipes. They give you the ingredients all prepared and the recipe, you cook and then take it home for dinner! They also have a great pizza making area at the back of the shop where you can walk in anytime of the day and make your own pizza. Fantastic idea! For anyone who wants to check it out -

We have also discovered Sainsburys online grocery shopping. Sooooo much easier than standing around the shop wondering if we can add in that extra bottle of beer or pint of milk in case we can't carry it home, standing in the line to pay and then lugging it home on the bus. They were 15 mins late with delivery today and so we even scored a £10 voucher to use next time, bargain!

And next week we are heading to Babylon restaurant in Kensington for James's birthday. Is supposed to be very nice with a beautiful view of the rooftop gardens. Keep those scales away from me....need to start back at the gym!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aussie Food Stash

Our boxes from Australia finally arrived in the middle of last week. So we have winter clothes (much needed as the weather has started to turn a bit colder), DVD's, CD's, books etc. But most importantly we have:
  • Cherry Ripes
  • MILO!!!!!!!!
  • Twisties
  • Fanta
  • Mint Slices
  • Rosella Pickles
  • Beetroot - the real aussie kind!
  • Butter Menthols

Yummo! Although I must admit it's a little unnerving knowing there's so much junk food just within reach and once it's gone it's not easily replaceable!! And we did already make ourselves feel a little ill eating a big bag of Twisties and a Cherry Ripe the first night we had them!

So....rationing is the order of the day from now on (yeah right!).